Colligo Marine

Cheeky Tang®️ Fittings

RRP £177.10 ~ £418.76


The “right” way to connect synthetic shrouds to your mast! Colligo connections are essentially
custom Cheek Blocks that are mounted to the side of your mast. Lightweight and with no moving parts these fittings allow you to just place a spliced loop on them. As simple as it gets!

Really great for fixed masts also. The shroud is fully inspectable and is virtually the safest method of connecting shrouds to a mast. A locking screw holds the spliced loop on, even with a flopping shroud.

In four sizes. All have a thin rubber backing for isolation. The T fitting adaptors also turn a coastal fitting into something much more robust for offshore travels.

Dyneema Cheeky tangs are for double lower shrouds or combination connectors for Caps/Runners, etc.