Colligo Marine

Colligo Bridle Plate Mooring System

RRP £112.10


New redesigned Monohull Bridle Plate Mooring System: smaller, lighter, and just as strong. The swivel is incorporated into the plate. Main swivel pin can be seized and has a cotter pin for extra safety



  • For Monohulls or Multihulls, our Bridle Plate Mooring System offers the following:
  • • Allows the use of up to three lines from your mooring for redundant protection.
  • • Maintains separation of shackles to virtually eliminate line to line interference.
  • • Extra Large 3/4 inch jaw and jaw swivel and 5/8 inch shackles.
  • • The Galvanized Bridle Plate has a safe working load limit of over 8,000 lbs-force.