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Smartlink - Wireless Load Sensor - Nano

RRP £997.20


Small and Mighty – smartlink Nano from Cyclops Marine

Dinghy, keelboat and sportsboat sailors now is your time. This is your opportunity to retire that old rig gauge that was handed down through generations and get in on the action of real-time wireless load sensing technology with the smartlink Nano.

Live load sensors are changing the way we sail as we get to discover the in-race dynamic loads that significantly affect our speed and performance. This enables sailors to find that extra gear.
Let us take you back to ‘that’ race, the race you pointed high off the line and were a cut above the competition. Cyclops Marine’s technology lets sailors find and repeat those winning settings, and here’s how.
The smartlink Nano is the smallest, lightest, most versatile wireless load sensor on the market. Set up is simple. Place in-line of any soft sheet or line and live loads are sent to the Cyclops Marine App or (where applicable) to boat instruments via the Cyclops Marine gateway. The smartlink nano can be secured to your forestay, vang cunningham, tack lines, or even your toe straps, to understand more about the loads you need to be hitting. The data enables you to make informed decisions to adjust your sailing and settings to repeatedly find winning ways.

The smartlink Nano uses technology developed in partnership with INEOS TEAM UK, and in particular, the Nano has gone through rigorous testing by multiple Olympic Champions and Sportsboat World Champions.

Key Features

Simple to fit
Data available on smartphone app and Marine Electronics
Factory Calibrated
Cutting edge technology
Cost effective
MWL of 600Kg


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