Dr. Sails

C-Flex 50ml

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Dr.Sails C-Flex 50ml is a 2 part flexible cyanoacrylate adhesive, wholly designed as a seam adhesive primarily for sailmakers.

Most current seam adhesives are hot systems, that have to deliver at a certain temperature, and they cure quickly, making them difficult to work with & a 2 man job. C-Flex offers an easier working product, gun applied out of a specific 4:1 ratio gun (gun sold separately), through a mixer nozzle*.

There is a 6 minute working time, with 60 second cure, the product remains flexible after curing. There are massive benefits to gluing seams, above stitching, primarily as it removes the point loading & pulling on the stitched seams, giving a more consistent sail shape.

*2 Nozzles Supplied

Applicator Gun Required


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