Relay - 160 Amp 12V - TH Series

RRP £88.48


Applications / Problems This Solves

Reduces Voltage Drop and Cost of Battery Cables by replacing mechanical battery switches with an electrical relay inline between a battery and the electrical loads.

Supports Simple Battery Charge Management if connected to an engine ignition line. Can also support simple electrical system connect/disconnect when connected to ignition line.

Extends TH Series Automatic Charging Relay Capability to provide either incremental current carrying capacity or to connect and additional independent and isolated battery bank not connected to a charge source.

Feature Summary

Simple & Robust Installation: Sealed MX-150 plug/harness with 2 ft control wires included. Reduces install time/costs. Optional output bus bar provides simple and compact connection to RT or CT fuse block product families.

Optional Deutsch DT/AT Connector Output supports an industry standard for marine and commercial vehicle.

Bullet-proof Construction: Sealed unit, high temperature materials allow mounting anywhere on vehicle. Stainless steel self-locking hardware

Integral Diode Suppression reduces voltage spikes on control lines during switching

Single or Dual Split Output Options provide flexibility for different electrical system requirements. See 7422B, 7422D, and 7422-24B for dual output part details.


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