Sealed Break Out Box - 1x4 + 4x2 Circuits + M6 I/O

RRP £31.85


Applications / Problems This Solves

Improves robustness of ground return connections and wire to wire connections that are otherwise exposed to corrosion / shorting with busbars and terminal blocks.

Eliminates unreliable butt splice connections and allows for removable pull and test of circuit for system inspection and diagnosis while allowing for sealed connections.

Reduces the mounting space required for busbar and wire connections with a very compact footprint and two mounting orientations, increasing potential locations for installation.

Feature Summary

Ignition Protected: Safe to install in enclosed spaces on gasoline powered vessels and vehicles.

Simple & Robust Installation: Sealed plug reduces installation time, overall costs and points of potential failure. Optional output bus bar easily connects RT or CT Fuse Block families.

Bullet-proof Construction: Sealed unit (IP67 / IP6K9K), high temperature materials allow mounting anywhere on vehicle or vessel.

Two Mounting Orientations provide optimal flexibility for installation locations.

Optional Deutsch DT/AT Connector Output contact us for more information.


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