Hamma Wire by KOS

Pro Strand Wire

RRP £1.21 ~ £15334.92


Hamma Pro Strand has been developed to provide the marine and architectural industries with a quality ‘compacted’ strand that has a smooth clean finish, aesthetically superior to any product currently on the market, As Pro Strand is a ‘compacted’ strand there is no need to pre-stress the wire. This process of strand compaction decreases the constructional stretch of the wire which also results in breaking loads approximately 30% higher than conventional strands.


2.0mm - 1x7 - 450kg BS
2.5mm - 1x7 - 700kg BS
3.0mm - 1x7 - 1025kg BS
3.5mm - 1x7 - 1375kg BS
4.0mm - 1x7 - 1800kg BS

5.0mm - 1x19 - 2600kg BS
6.0mm - 1x19 - 3700kg BS
7.0mm - 1x19 - 5100kg BS
8.0mm - 1x19 - 6500kg BS
10.0mm - 1x19 - 10250kg BS
12.0mm - 1x19 - 14400kg BS

14.0mm - 1x25 - 19300kg BS
16.0mm - 1x25 - 25600kg BS
19.0mm - 1x25 - 32000kg BS