iWinch - Power Onboard

RRP £46.99


Now it's possible to convert all your winches to become electrical.

All you need is a strong electrical screwdriver and iWinch.


All winches will become powered because you can flexibly use iWinch where needed. All the moments that are usually heavy on a sailboat are easy with this solution. The faster you hoist, furl your sails the less wear we add to our expensive gear. Using iWinch is a great way to get extra power when working the boat plus reduce sail flapping that will extend the life of the sail.

Hoist your mainsail - effortless

Furl and hoist your headsail

Reef your mainsail - faster and safer

Sheet your headsails and spinnaker faster and with precision

German sheeting - sheet your main effortlessly

Shorthanded sailing - your best help ever

Hoist your anchor, dinghy on deck, mooring and so on...

Modern screwdrivers are very strong and reliable with the new Lithium technology and developed brushless motors. You will always have a loaded and ready to go screwdriver for other projects on board and at home as well. Please read our handling tips on how to handle the solution safe and easy. Remember, iWinch is never better than your screwdriver. Invest in a quality screwdriver.

Advantages against a mounted electrical winch? A mounted electrical winch will cost you between 2000-3000 Euros plus installation costs. With a strong electrical screwdriver you will hoist your main a lot faster and you will feel when the resistance is getting stronger ensuring you not to brake things. You can use iWinch on all your winches plus that you can use it for other projects both onboard and at home.