KHL2 External Lock (Halyard Lock)

RRP £1251.58


The KHL external lock is installed by a lashing on the front face of the mast and is dedicated to headsails without furling, such as a genoa or staysail. We also offer this lock in association with our structural furlers to more easily manage the installation of the sails. Unlike the KFH external lock, the KHL does not incorporate swivel bearings.

A lock (internal or external) makes it possible to completely remove the tension in the halyard. The halyard no longer needs to be sized to hold the load, the halyard jammer is no longer useful, the lock removes the elasticity of the halyard which distorted the sail profiles. The mast compression decreases

– Compact and lightweight
– Easy to maintain / check
– Easy to use
– No additional hooking control. The halyard acts as a control
– Use of a small diameter halyard (weight savings & price)
– Range from 2T (30ft sailboat) to 50T (Super Yachts)
– Easy adaptation to defined specifications (custom)
– Discover all the advantages of hooks in our KarverPedia page dedicated to this subject.



  • Weight: 0.435 kg
  • Boat size: 10 to 80″
  • Workload: 2.00 T
  • Breaking load: 4.00 T
  • Cutting length (mm): 117.7
  • Max line space (mm): 7.5
  • Max line space diameter (mm): 6


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