KWH20 Locking Winch Handle 8"

RRP £162.95



20cm carbon crank with simple grip.



  • 100% carbon crank body for minimum weight and extreme rigidity = better performance
  • – Unparalleled aesthetics. A very beautiful object which is not reserved only for sailors.
  • – Simple, ergonomic, reliable and innovative crank locking and unlocking system. Can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users
  • – Very low friction stainless steel double bearing = less wear and more efficiency
  • – The locking square is equipped with a protection to prevent damage to the anodization of the winches and limit noise during of the installation
  • – Octagonal end piece (star) in stainless steel and removable to reduce the wear of this part
  • – Compatible with all winches on the market
  • – 2 lengths available : 20 and 25 cm with or without pommel
  • – Ceramic bearing option available
  • – Natural wood veneer version optional
  • – It is also possible to add the name of the boat or its owner (6 weeks delay)
  • – We have a reputation as a company disruptive to hold on. Just because this crank is made of carbon, which is very beautiful, very innovative and very efficient, does not mean that it should have a price three times higher than a One Touch crank. Compare. You will certainly be surprised.
  • – The KWH crank has won several innovation competitions including the famous Dame Award 2019 in its Hardware, Rigging & Sails category (at the same time as our Compact KCW45 winch).