100m Reel
RRP £0.00 ~ £2646.94
200m Reel
RRP £0.00 ~ £5293.90


Like most headsail furlers, the furling is controlled by the furler drum at the bottom of the sail. The turning force is transmitted through the length of the ProDrive cable to turn the swivel which is connected to the head of the sail.

The tack of the sail is connected to a freely floating point on the drum of the furling unit. The turning force acting at the top of the sail only, causes the head of the sail to furl first and ensures the sail furls down the cable neatly.

The unique requirements of top down furling forced the development of a unique rope construction. Parallel aramid core, tightly braided aramid jacket with a polyester cover ensures ProDrive offers the best torsional stiffness on the market.


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