RRP £213.60


The NS100 has been designed to provide essential information with a very simple and user friendly interface. Speed, heading, GPS coordinates and man overboard (MOB) functions are all accessible at the push of a button and clearly displayed on the backlit LCD, ideal for a night sailing and making your sailing
safer. This new version offers better speed accuracy, a new screen with improved contrast and readability, and features a new waypoint management.

Compact (125 mm x 80 mm x 26 mm) and intuitive, the NS100 is a light, portable device, which is completely waterproof, ultra robust, and made of bombproof polycarbonate and anodized aluminium.

Powered by only one AA battery, the NS100 gives sailors accurate information for over 36 hours. It can be installed in minutes and there is no need to drill a hole in the hull or use a wired connection.


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