Protect Tape

SHOCK Tape 500 micron (sq metre)

RRP £950.28 ~ £1019.81


SHOCK is a further evolution of CHAFE products, combining UHMWPE film and alyphatic polyurethane resin film to resist abrasion and shocks from blocks, press locks, snap and halyard shackles.

The alyphatic polyurethane resin film is laminated between the CHAFE film and a modified acrylic adhesive and finally protected by a siliconised paper to make handling and application easy.

The product is made bespoke in the length, width and shape required.

Any CHAFE film can be used, ideally 250 or 500 micron though thinner films are an effective solution for smaller boats.



  • Custom Order Parameters:
  • Minimum width 38mm, Maximum width 660mm
  • Maximum Length 16,500mm
  • Price quoted per square metre


  • Typical Applications:
  • Soft loops and pad eye areas
  • Mast
  • Spreaders
  • Boom
  • Bowsprit