Protect Tape

SNAP Rigging Protection Tape

RRP £547.45 ~ £1751.87


SNAP is a solution to protect composite standing rigging. Standing rigging covers are frequently damaged by jib and gennaker sheets, increasing the risk of equipment failure and high replacement cost.

SNAP is a special profile made of PTFE that can be applied at any time with the yacht fully rigged. The design of the hook can be applied and removed in a few minutes.



  • Colour: Translucent
  • Length: 3000mm
  • Dimensions:
  • Snap 250: Internal Diameter 5.08mm, Thickness 0.76 mm
  • Snap 437: Internal Diameter 10.16mm, Thickness 0.76mm
  • Snap 562: Internal Diameter 12.70mm, Thickness 0.76mm
  • Snap 625: Internal Diameter 15.24mm, Thickness 0.89mm
  • Snap 812: Internal Diameter 19.05mm, Thickness 0.89mm
  • Snap 1000: Internal Diameter 24.77mm, Thickness 1.02mm
  • Snap 1275: Internal Diameter 34.29mm, Thickness 1.14mm


  • Typical Applications:
  • Standing rigging (V1, D1, stays, etc.)
  • Lifelines