Handheld Chain Counter

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The chain counter CHC1103 allows the windlass to be activated to get the anchor aweigh or lower the anchor providing the measure of the chain lowered.

Other important advantages

Simple user-friendly interface.
Information displayed in 5 different languages.
Automatic lowering function. Up alarm function.
Locked keys function. Can also be used in winch operations.
Windlass management with auto free fall.
Anchor recovery function in case of sensor failure.
Chain speed displayed.
Supply voltage displayed.
Depth of chain lowered shown in meters or feet.
Graphic LCD display screen that can be easily read at various angles.
Backlight display screen with 8 brightness levels.
8 different display contrast levels can be set.
Automatic display contrast compensation according to environmental temperature.
Universal power supply (12/24Vdc)
Backlight illuminated function keys.
Equipped with LED torch.
CAN BUS interface for data transfer.
Capable of operating in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
Water-proof housing.



  • Model CHC 1103
  • UP/DOWN contacts current - 4A max
  • Supply voltage (1) - 9 ÷ 32 Vdc
  • Current absorbed when idling (2) - 31 mA @ 12V - 18 mA @ 24 V
  • Maximum current absorbed (3) - 85 mA + current used by solenoid/reversing solenoid unit
  • Operating temperature (4) - -20°C ÷ +70°C (-4°F ÷ +158°F)
  • Protection rating (5) - IP 67
  • Communication interface - CAN BUS with differential transceiver
  • Weight - lb 750 g / 1.65 lb
  • EMC class EN 60945 - FCC Part 15 Rules 47
  • 1) The chain counter can reset itself if the voltage is less than 9 Vdc.
  • 2) Typical value with back-lighting and torch off and windlass not on.
  • 3) Typical value with back-lighting on at highest level and windlass on.
  • 4) With temperatures below 0°C the crystals in the LCD slow down.
  • 5) With the plug correctly inserted into the socket. Excluding the area of the socket where the exit cable is fixed (IP 00).


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