Furlex 300 TD

RRP £5277.35 ~ £6232.52


Maximize your luff length and gain performance by a through deck installation. The free turn of the tack swivel is the same as in all other Furlex models. The tack fitting, however, is fixed to the deck. This gives you a more efficient trim of the sail. More space on the foredeck will be an extra bonus!

The Furlex TD is designed for mounting through the deck. A torque tube with gimbal joint allows for full toggle articulation of the forestay. With the Furlex TD you avoid having lots of water splashing into your anchor well. The very small amount of water that seeps through is easily handled by a normal drainage.
The Furlex TD is designed for installation on a wide range of yachts. The fork under the drum is extendable to reach down to the forestay attachment below deck.