OWS Slider for Batten

Single Car
RRP £32.83


Seldén Outer Wheel Support (OWS) sliders are designed both as batten sliders and webbing sliders. Each model is available in 5 different versions. One version fits Seldén E-sections (1977-2002) and older Seldén/Kemp oval sections. Any of the other 4 versions fits most of all other mast brands on the market. OWS sliders do not fit Seldén C-section for which MDS-sliders should be used.

The OWS for Batten slider is designed to take compression load from the batten in a full batten main sail. To achieve optimal function and strength, use Seldén toggle M10 stud 511-739-01.



  • OWS 750 fits 5.5mm luff groove
  • OWS 751 fits 10mm luff groove
  • OWS 752 fits 10mm luff groove
  • OWS 753 fits 12mm luff groove
  • OWS 754 fits 5.5mm luff groove, large wheels


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