Type 125T

RRP £250.00


The SILVA 125T compass is suitable for most larger sailing boats and motor yachts and owing to the effective dampening of the compass card, it is the correct choice even for larger speedboats.

The compass permits up to 45° heeling and unlimited tilting fore and aft. The two extra lubber lines at 45° offset permit reading from the rail or an off steering position mounting. The lubber lines are counter-balanced and will remain vertical even in rough seas. All lubber lines are easily read through the patented transparent compass card. A sighting peg from the centre eliminates parallax errors and facilitates off course bearings.

125T has an apparent scale size of 125 mm, a gimballed cradle and the standard 175mm base plate fits most steering pedestals. Further features include the possibility to compensate for magnetic field disturbance and it is also possible to add a heeling compensator. The integrated illumination in the adjustable protection cover offers ideal night vision.