PICO Standard Kit - Unit, Digital Shunt & Tank Module

RRP £436.72


PICO Standard Kit - Unit, Digital Shunt & Tank Module

KIT COMPRISES OF: 1 x PICO & SC301 Digital Shunt & ST107 Tank Module

PICO is SIMARINE’s advanced battery monitor and the Real-Time Battery Health™ Algorithm for precise battery health measurements. It sets new standards for marine battery monitors in fields of design, functionality, connectivity, and ease of use.

SC301 active shunt precisely monitors battery voltage on 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V and 72V systems, battery temperature and continuous currents up to 300A (400A peak). It’s suitable for maximal power of 3600W at 12V, 7200W at 24V or 14400W at 48v…

ST107 is a versatile module for monitoring tank and temperature sensors as well as battery voltage. Equipped with four resistance inputs for resistance-type tank level or temperature sensors and three voltage inputs for voltage-type tanks sensors and battery voltages allows wide connection possibilities.