HydraPRO 100ml

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SpeedSix HydraPRO is designed specifically as a coating to be applied to the hull of the boat. it is formulated to maintain a clean surface and utilising superhydrophobic technology will support improved performance through and on top of the water.

SpeedSix HydraPRO is made from naturally occurring and synthetic ingredients to make sure no pollutant can enter any water coarse.

Application of SpeedSix HydraPRO

The hull must be clean and as far as possible smooth and in the best condition you can achieve. If you are racing, remember to consult the racing rules to make sure that any work you carry out to the hull surface will remain legal, as some classes prohibit cutting compounds and sanding of the hull and foils.

Apply SpeedSix HydraPRO directly on to the surface evenly using a clean, lint-free cloth. Apply to a small area no greater than 1-metre square working the product into the surface. Leave to dry for 5 minutes. With a second, clean, dry, lint-free cloth remove any surface residue and if desired polish the surface to a shine. A second coat of SpeedSix HydraPRO can be applied after a further 72 hours.

Correct application will produce a high lustre and water will visibly leave the surface rapidly.

SpeedSix HydraPRO will adhere to the surface it is applied to. This process takes between 1 - 4 hours to fully complete and is dependant on the material it is applied to and the ambient temperature. Ideally, apply in temperatures above 10 degrees in a dry environment and leave overnight before racing.

If you are short on time, ensure that you have applied the product and buffed the surface to remove any excess liquid. Leave the hull to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes before going afloat. Whilst not ideal, the product will work and will still deliver the desired results but the surface will take longer to dry post sailing and may be susceptible to damage as the boat is reloaded to a trolley or trailer.

If you are entering a championship, consult the rules to see if you need to apply the product before the championship starts as some classes prevent re-application during an event.
SpeedSix HydraPRO's chemistry makes it super-hydrophobic and resistant to acids and salts found in saltwater and the marine environment, it therefore protects the hull from UV degradation and corrosion from saltwater or environmental acid effects.