Protect 250ml

RRP £14.99


Speedsix protect is designed to form a protective layer between the surface and the harsh marine environment. We see it used on larger boats around chains and any other exposed metalwork as well as on boat / Dinghy trailers.

A product designed for where protection against the elements is paramount. IT IS NOT A PERFORMANCE PRODUCT. Protect is designed to be applied anywhere that slow-moving or non-moving objects need a hermetic seal from the elements. A good example here is travel strap buckles, wheel pins, trailer hitches, Galvanised trailers where the U-bolts and pins go rusty. Anywhere that Carbon interfaces with Stainless steel or Aluminium, (paddles perhaps )and electrolysis occurs. the Natural Wax content is high in this product and as such it will retain its protection for a minimum of 9 months or generally a working season. The product can be applied to all surfaces and can even be polished just like HydraPRO, however, there is no active ingredient so the hull of a Kayak would only benefit from being protected for longer against the elements and no performance gain as it were. However, this may well be the desired outcome if the Kayak in question was to be mothballed for a couple of years perhaps or needed to be shipped to a hot sunny country where it would sit outside for long periods.

The PROTECT can be removed easily, therefore in this hypothetical use case the product could be removed and the HydraPRO applied for performance when needed.

Non-conductive to 70kv
Penetrates into surface rust
Penetrates into grooves and joints
Resists acids and salts
Hermetically seals off surfaces
Stays On
Won’t break down rubber and wiring