Trogear AS-50

RRP £2626.37


Trogear AS50 bowsprit, for yachts upto 50'

The hinge mount installation and adjustable bobstay means you can adjust the sail luff tension from the cockpit, giving you ultimate control when open ocean sailing or rounding the racing marks.

Custom made from carbon fibre
Easily installed with a hinge attachment & adjustable bobstay
Attach and remove sails & furlers from an upright position for ease and safety
Trim & adjust luff tension from cockpit via bobstay control line
Removable if required
Can be stowed upright against pulpit - meaning no extra berthing fees



  • SWL: 1996kg
  • Max sail area of asymmetric spinnaker: 204m2
  • Max sail area of code zero: 165m2
  • Triangular structure gives strongest strength to weight ratio
  • Custom carbon fibre parts for high quality construction
  • Attachment hardware from aluminium to titanium
  • Sleek UV resistant clear polyurethane finish


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