Unimer Marine

Mooring Compensator

RRP £19.99 ~ £57.49


The Unimer Mooring Compensator provides cushioned relief for mooring lines, pier and deck fittings.

The compensator is design protected and features a cleat shaped locking mechanism that prevents slipping. The self-locking internal elements in black polyamide stop chafed lines completely. This increases your lines life span and ensures efficient relief.

The compensator comes in four different sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your boat. The same compensator size takes different line diameters, allowing you to vary your lines with changing conditions.



  • Size 1: Rope Size - 10-12mm
  • Size 2: Rope Size - 12-16mm
  • Size 3: Rope Size - 14-18mm
  • Size 4: Rope Size - 20-24mm