William Hackett

Calibrated Chain - Galvanised - 30m Drum

RRP £179.24 ~ £638.62


When you buy a calibrated chain for your new boat or when you need to replace your existing anchor chain, it’s important to know what chain suits your windlass for the best fit. The majority of windlasses require chain in accordance with either DIN 766 or ISO 4565.

All of our calibrated chain is supplied with a certificate of conformity and test. This confirms that the chain has been subjected to a proof load and our in-house batch testing ensures that the chain can withstand the minimum breaking load.

DIN 766 (DIN = German Institute for Standardisation), this standard is for calibrated and tested chains using Grade 3 material.

ISO 4565 (International Organisation for Standardisation) or EN 24565 or BS 7160, these are all the same standard which covers anchor chains for small crafts.

Grade 3 / 4 Calibrated Short Link Chain
Material: Mild Steel / High Tensile Carbon Steel
Thickness: Approx 50 Microns
Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized

1 x 30m Drum Supplied