A270 - Roller Swager (400v Three Phase Power Included)

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A perfect machine for swaging on-site.
Low weight and small outer dimensions make it extremely portable.

Swaging Range: 1,6-8 mm wire.

Typical applications:

Standing rigging and lifelines for sailboats. The Swedish Navy uses it for making railing.
Architectural, like balustrades and railing.
Scenographic use at theaters for hanging and supporting set pieces.
Extensively used for on-site swaging of wire fall protection systems on roofs and buildings.
Structural rigging for hang gliders and ultra-light airplanes.
Anchoring of weather balloons.
Oceanographers uses it for swaging winch wire ropes for their surveying instruments.
Lifting strops for fuel rods at nuclear power plants.
Structural rigging for sail-roofs and sail-shades.

Watch a Wireteknik Roll Swaging Machine in action HERE



  • Swaging range: 1,6-8 mm ( 1/16"-5/16")
  • Dimensions: L=500 mm (19 ¾”) W=300 mm (11 ¾”) H=140 mm (5 ½”)
  • Weight: 19.5 kg (42 lbs)


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